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Ella Kendall was a 24 year old petite girl with long wavy chocolate brown hair and mesmerizing blue eyes. She had that effortless radiant beauty which many women would love to possess, yet she wasn't really aware of it. She was a kind soul, always ready to help, with a constant smile on her face. But when her four year relationship with who she taught was the love of her life ended, she felt distant and lost and her disappointment in love was greater than ever.
One morning while she was sitting in a café, drinking her usual, black coffee with no sugar, Ian Bell showed up along with a few of his friends. He was 26 and insanely hot, with gorgeous brown eyes and a smile to die for. She could tell that he wasn't even trying to be sexy. He was wearing a muddy sweater, torn from an aggressive basketball game, which they won by the way. Ian made Ella feel more alive than anyone ever before.

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They instantly made a connection, and from that morning on, couldn’t stay away from each other. Soon they started meeting in a hotel, always in the same room. There, they both discovered their wild sides and did everything to each other they could only fantasize about before.